Postdoctoral position at LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France: Mid-Infrared Metamorphic Interband Cascade vertical cavity Surface Emitting Laser

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Toulouse, France
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Date Posted: November 28, 2017
Expiry Date: December 30, 2017
Job Type: Postdoc
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Years of Experience: 2
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Salary: € 2200
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Group: Photonics, LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France

Description: The availability of electrically pumped VCSELs at wavelength longer than 3 μm is considered as a breakthrough for laser-based optical sensing applications. Indeed, these devices have a low cost potential, low power consumption and overall emits single frequency with mode-hop free tunability. These ideal and unmatched properties will enable widespread utilization of photonic sensor networks. This will contribute to the well being and health of the population by stimulating air pollution monitoring, detecting leaks and preventing fire as other possible application.

Electrically-pumped mid-IR VCSELs rely on GaSb-based materials. But entering in the 3-5 μm wavelength range requires new approaches for both active zone design and device processing. Thus, the structure will be based on an interband cascade type-II active zone, a metamorphic oxide-based lateral confinement scheme and a hybrid-mirror technology with target performances suited for spectroscopy applications.

The starting point of this project funded by the French ANR agency is the complementary know-how of the consortium with the expertise of IES on the growth and study of GaSb-based VCSELs, the LAAS for VCSELs processing, in particular regarding the controlled oxidation of Al(Ga)As layers, and of FOTON for their expertise in dielectric materials dedicated to Bragg mirror.

The main objectives of this Post-Doc are:
– to develop practical simulation tools, essential for the optical and electrical design of the MIR-VCSEL devices. This design worktask will be led in close collaboration with the FOTON team to consider the thermal behaviour.
– to take over the technological fabrication of electrical pumped ridge lasers and VCSELs, through developing and entrench the process steps up to developing a complete reliable process flow.
– to characterize test laser structures and VCSEL devices, enabling a feedback loop for improving the design and fabrication steps.

Requirements: The candidate must have a PhD and should have a solid practical background on the technologies used in cleanroom environment for the processing of III-V based optoelectronic devices. A strong knowledge of the physics and design of optoelectronic component, specifically vertical cavity lasers, is also required.

Starting date: as of now
Duration: 12-24 months
Monthly net salary: 2200 €
Applicants should send:
– a resume/bio
– pointers to their most important publications and/or their PhD (Please only French or English documents)
– recommendation letter(s)
Contact person:
Guilhem Almuneau,